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note to self....MAKE A NEW LIVEJOURNAL

Fucking I've been listening to new TSL on repeat all day.

Priorities Change
And So Do Our Minds
Like The Passing Of Time
We Just Grow Old In Our Lies
And I'm feeling quite Fine
With Leaving All This Behind...

Im such a poet. jk
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    The Starting Line-Stay Where I Can See You

It Feels Just Like Making Love To The Camera

Im in connecticut.

I come home Tuesday at like 1 am.

Wednesday I wanna hang out with my budddddddies.

Which means Lauren, since ur like the only one with an LJ anymore. Tell Paul, and Steve, and Sam, and whoever else that we are hanging out. I miss you poop faces.

Part of my wants to stay here. But part of me knows that it would be hard to re-adjust here and what not.

But I'm staying in Cali.

Peace Out.....

Leave Me That Love Suckas.

P.S. Someone buy me the new AAR cd. Id love you forever

P.P.S The New Starting Line cd is quickly surpassing Say It Like You Mean It(their old one)

P.P.P.S- If These Branches Hold The Leaves, They'll Hold Convictions I Believe
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    The Starting Line-Making Love To The Camera

Shot Through The Heart And You're To Blame

So last night i had the craziest dream ever. Ok it started out me and jared and paul and some girls were at love boutique lol and downstairs was the past version of sex stuff, the middle was present, and the top was future. So after that we went to my house. And like my cousin turned into black smoke and killed a bunch of people in my family, and then like we were all freaking out, and then he turned normal and I killed him. But then we(me, jared, paul, and the girls) were on my couch, and my cousin came out and then one of the girls talked about him killing my family, and he went crazy and omfg it was soooo weird.
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